Lesbians in Shorts! Film Program

Total Running Time: 76 minutes
Love, lust, and laughs are what you can expect from this diverse compilation of short films! Whether pulling on your heart strings or tickling your funny bone, there will never be a dull moment during this program of nostalgic, sexy, heartwarming, and hilarious lesbian films!

Happy Hour
Director: Becky Lane
Running Time: 4 minutes
“Happy Hour” demonstrates what a simple glance can mean. It’s a sexy, sophisticated, and highly stylized look at a colorful secret encounter in a 1960’s bar.

Director/Writer: Angela Jude
Running Time: 9 minutes
When dishonorably discharged WWII veteran Prudence receives a mysterious invitation to dance, she seeks to reconnect ties with her beloved Mildred.

August in the City
Director: Christie Conochalla; Writer: Lisa Tedesco
Running Time: 15:56 minutes
When her college-age daughter comes out of the closet during the Thanksgiving break, August remembers the woman she loved and had to let go when she was younger. Internally tormented with the fear of what society may think in 1978, August makes the ultimate decision that will change her life forever.

Director: Marvin Lemus
Running Time: 12:34 minutes
Hope struggles with grief after Mac, her butch girlfriend, passes away and must overcome homophobic hostilities from her dead girlfriend’s family in order to respectfully send Mac off into the afterlife in the way she would’ve wanted.

One Way Street
Director/Writer: Andrea Meyerson
Running Time: 14:24 minutes
What happens when your desire drives you in the wrong direction? Revved up by passion and ignoring all the signs, three people set out to ful ll their fantasies. Fasten your seat belts, this journey may end up on a very bumpy one way street!

She Said She Said
Director: Stuart Blumberg
Running Time: 7 minutes
‘She Said, She Said’ nds a lesbian couple on the brink of divorce as they divide their possessions in mediation. Through each object, we get a glimpse of their relationship and the sometimes humorous and sexy power that objects can hold on our lives and emotions.

Sweet Dreaming
Director: Katie Escane
Running Time: 13 minutes
Penny is the owner of a blossoming sweet shop in 1940s Australia. When an opportunity to expand her business appears, Penny must decide between her career and her forbidden love for honey supplier, Charlie. In one afternoon, a cast of customers appear in her shop to persuade her one way or the other.